There’s a New ‘Adult Diaper Spa’ in New Hampshire

adult diaper spa new hampshire
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There’s a new business in New Hampshire that locals aren’t too sure about.

The Diaper Spa recently opened in Atkinson, NH, a “quiet, bedroom community town” of about 7,000 people. According to its website, The Diaper Spa offers an “ageplay-friendly, adult diaper spa” designed to “nurture and pamper all diaper lovers and enthusiasts in richly immersive experiences.”


We opened a private window and did a Google search for “adult diaper lovers” and landed on an article written by a company that sells them. According to the article – which sits under a photo of five cool-looking young people who are almost certainly not into this thing – there are two subgroups within the community:

  • First, we’ve got our Adult Babies, “who enjoy acting like infants” and “may wear baby clothes and perform baby activities, such as feeding from a bottle or using a pacifier.”
  • Then, there are the Diaper Lovers, who “may not be as interested in role-playing” but “prefer wearing diapers over regular underwear,” which makes perfect sense.

And, of course, these subgroups may overlap.

Founded by Dr. Colleen Murphy, The Diaper Spa has been designed to look like a nursery with small beds and stuffed animals. All clients are required to wear adult diapers, and services include a “[$300 per hour] spa-like nursery experience for the little one inside of you, providing a warm, safe, and nurturing environment while you indulge in relaxation and self-care.” A 24-hour stay runs $1,500.

Additional activities include cuddling, napping, changing, coloring, nursery rhymes, etc.

“In the summer, you can play with your water wings and floaties poolside, picnic under the tree with your teddy bear, play marbles on the patio, or swing on the front porch swing and serve tea to your dollies on the porch,” the business’ website states. “In the winter, we can make snow angels, build snowmen, drink hot cocoa from beneath clouds of whipped cream and sprinkles, and decorate gingerbread men or sugar cookies.”

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Murphy told that “For these individuals, being a part of this community brings comfort and solace, providing a haven from the stresses, traumas, and triggers they have faced in their history or that they face daily.”

While one of The Diaper Spa’s purposes may be healing childhood traumas, some parents are worried the new business might create them for their own kids.

“This business, per their website, has advertised our town playground to their potential clientele,” a local mom told “Thus their sexual fetish will involve the town park where our children play.”

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A petition against The Diaper Spa was also launched on Here’s one section from it:

On “The Diaper Spa” website, services include “Little Friends Play Date” which is “…a premier spa service that offers a professional and nurturing environment for you and a little friend to engage in imaginative play, promoting holistic growth and development”. This vague description, including “little friend” is alarming to us as concerned citizens. The Diaper B&B includes a stay in our town at this place of business. The website advertised our trails and park for the clientele use.

According to New Hampshire Union Leader, the spa is currently operating without a license, and a public hearing for its application is set to take place on Valentine’s Day. Community board agenda notes indicate the adult diaper place will be discussed alongside some pretty basic zoning applications (one guy wants to install a pool, etc).

The Diaper Spa is located at 23 Pope Road, which also appears to be the address of a fire safety consulting business marked on Google as ‘temporarily closed,’ maybe because the owner found out the same property would soon house a nursery for adult babies and decided to get the hell out.

23 Pope Road The Diaper Place
(Google Maps)

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