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Guys Who Go to Gaming Conventions Smell Terrible

“Over the years we’ve seen plenty of instances where [a gaming convention] attendee’s smell causes backlash,” writes Dexerto.

I guess it shouldn’t be that surprising, but damn. Backlash?

At one recent Yu-Gi-Oh tournament in Japan, the situation was so ripe that a female competitor had to pack up her stuff and leave. (Yu-Gi-Oh is a Manga series that also has a card-trading game.)

Onlookers thought she had given up, but she clarified in a post on X / Twitter that she “…left halfway through because I couldn’t stand the smell. Not that I’m sad about losing at all or anything.”

“There are some stinky female duelists, but the men are in a class of their own,” she added.

gaming convention bad smell
A Yu-Gi-Oh tournament from like ten years ago probably. Everything checks out. Photo by big-ashb via Flickr.

Dexerto also wrote about a Super Smash Bros competition in North Carolina last year where a guy complained because his opponent reeked.

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“It’s absurd how bad people smell at conventions” was the headline of a Reddit post written by r/TrueOffMyChest four years ago, further validating the time we’ve spent writing this article. “People would walk by you and you’d get this vile aroma of body odor and shit mixed together,” the Redditor noted.

One man wrote in a forum that game stores also stink, and so do groups of gamers.

With it now being established that every man who goes to gaming conventions smells bad, it should come as no surprise that furry and cosplay conventions also hum of death.

“I went to my second anime con ever in my life and all was going well until I entered a battle room where people could play battle each other,” wrote a man. “The smell in that room was so unbearable that I almost died.”

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