People Paid Waitresses to Slap Them in Face at Restaurant in Japan

Shachihoko-ya japan
@bangkoklad / X

There’s a restaurant in Japan where customers would pay its waitresses to slap them in the face.

A recent video shared on X by @bangkoklad shows kimono-wearing servers slapping the life out of both male and female patrons at Shachihoko-ya, a restaurant in Nagoya, Japan.

The restaurant introduced this service soon after it opened in 2012, just to keep its doors open. According to a recent report by the New York Post, the practice became so popular and business picked up so much that they had to hire more female servers.

The service has been discontinued, but it was once on the menu for 300 Yen, which is about $2 USD – not a huge payout, but the waitresses appeared to enjoy it. Some of the slaps were so powerful that diners were knocked out of their seats.

The video above got the restaurant a lot of recent attention, leading its owners to issue a statement which will no doubt disappoint anyone who was looking to get roughed up.

“Shachihoko-ya currently does not offer slaps. We appreciate the attention it has received today, but we cannot accommodate visits with the intention of receiving slaps. We didn’t expect old videos to go viral like this, so please understand before [coming].”

They’ve actually issued this same statement several times, so I guess people are still showing up with the hopes of getting slapped.

Written by Pete

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