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Guy Cuts Off Legs in Failed Insurance Scam: Now He Doesn’t Have Money OR Legs

taiwan man amputates legs insurance fraud

Two young Taiwanese men are in big trouble.

At the suggestion of his friend, Zhang (that’s his last name) decided to amputate his legs for a $1.3 million insurance payout, which he did not get.


Zhang put his legs in a bucket of dry ice for ten hours while Liao (that’s the last name of the guy who told him to do it) “recorded and took photos of the incident,” according to Taiwan News. Liao also restrained Zhang to the chair with cable ties.

Zhang had to go to the emergency room where both of his legs were amputated below the knees.

Zhang claimed to insurance companies that he got frostbite from riding around on a scooter in cold weather, and that he had to get his legs amputated as a result.

The majority of these claims were denied over multiple suspicions, including the fact that Zhang bought a bunch of policies right before the accident. Also, it doesn’t make any sense.

“Taiwan is a subtropical region, and cases of severe frostbite requiring amputation due to natural climate factors in the flatlands are unheard of,” the Taiwan Criminal Investigation Bureau said in a March 14 press release.

Zhang then claimed that Liao, his former classmate, told him that gang members were after him, and that he had to create this fake insurance claim to get the money.

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According to Business Insider, Liao “tricked Zhang into signing a legal note obligating him to pay about $800,000” – which means that the guy who sacrificed his legs doesn’t even get the bigger payout. Liao apparently lost a bunch of money trading crypto.

The total payout from the wild scheme was $7,200, but unfortunately, like Zhang’s legs, those funds will be taken from him.

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