Pastor Says Wife Beats Him, Strips Him Naked in Public

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A Nigerian pastor is looking to end things with his wife because she’s apparently done some really insane shit to him, according to multiple Nigerian publications.

David Odeniyi says his wife, Bolanle, has subjected him to everything from physical abuse to public humiliation, including that one time she stripped him naked in front of his entire congregation during a service.

He also says she left the country two years ago and has been living there ever since.

Here’s a statement he made to the courts (via and Daily Post Nigeria):

“She pulls and drags my trousers in order to disgrace me. Had I known that my wife would treat me like this, I would never have married her. Bolanle abandoned me with our only child and travelled to Libya. She’s been there for two years without my approval.

“In fact, she stripped me naked in front of my congregation and maliciously exposed the secret I kept with her. Worst still, Bolanle usually prevent visitors from seeing me, poisoned my food and kicked me in the stomach.”

The divorce was issued and crazy pants got slapped with a restraining order.

Here’s some info about how divorces work in Nigeria.

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