Woman Driving Stolen SUV Tells Police it was a Gift from Waffle House Customer

tulsa OK stolen SUV waffle house customer
Tulsa Police Department

An Oklahoma woman driving a stolen SUV told police it was a gift from one of her Waffle House customers.

The Tulsa Police Department stopped Angela Harrison on April 1 “near Admiral and Sheridan,” according to a Facebook post. Here’s what it looks like there, in case you’re curious.

(Google Maps)

Harrison told the police that she had gotten the white Jeep Liberty as a gift at a gas station about an hour earlier, explaining that she ran into a former customer from her Waffle House days, and the former customer decided to give it to her “because her 53rd birthday was coming up in a few weeks,” and I guess he happened to have an extra Jeep Liberty on him and was holding onto it until accidentally running into a casual acquaintance with a big milestone birthday like 53 on the horizon.

Tulsa Police Department

In response to her claim, cops showed Harrison a surveillance photo. It was of her, driving the same Jeep back in January, which is way before an hour earlier that day.

Harrison acknowledged that it was her face in the photo, but couldn’t explain the photo’s origins, given that she had just gotten the Jeep at a gas station about an hour earlier after running into a former customer from her Waffle House days, who we assume had both the Jeep Liberty and a second vehicle to drive himself home in.

Harrison was arrested for Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and the Jeep was returned to the family of its former owner, who police say died last year.

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