Lady Calls Cops on Meth Dealer After Buying Shitty Meth

lady calls cops on meth dealer

An Indiana woman called the police to report her dealer for apparently selling her some bad meth. Now, naturally, the woman is facing her own narcotics charges.

Sarah Harris, 34, called 911 on the dealer because the meth she bought “made her feel like she was going to have a heart attack,” which is definitely something meth does.

sarah harris mug shot
Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office

A cop was dispatched to her location to make sure she was okay, at which point, Harris requested the meth be tested. They tested it, and it was meth.

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According to an affidavit obtained by The Smoking Gun, here are some things the detective on duty said when describing the January 10 incident:

“When I arrived, I spoke with Phyllis and Fredrick Harris, and they reportedly did not call.”

“A short time later, a female identified as Sarah Harris came outside.”

“I asked her if she needed an ambulance, and she said she did not.”

“I noticed she was outside with no shoes on. I asked her if she wanted to get some shoes on and we could go to my vehicle to discuss things further. She got some shoes, and we went to my vehicle.”

Harris has prior convictions for theft, possession of meth and driving while intoxicated. She’s now been slapped with felony narcotics charges and faces up to 30 months in prison.

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