Singer Drugs Bandmate with Estrogen in Order to Steal His Fiance

llorona diego

A hardcore band you’ve almost definitely never heard of may have just caught its big break. Not from a new song or anything, but because the now-fired vocalist has been dosing his bandmate with estrogen.

Nashville-based Llorona shared a story on its Instagram page (which appears to have been taken down) claiming that their vocalist, Diego, has been putting estrogen in one of his bandmates pre-workout supplements because he’s obsessed with that bandmate’s fianc√©.

He did this so that he could “‘swoop in’ once he looked stronger and more manly in comparison.”

“He has been attempting to force a transition onto him for the last 5 months,” the band wrote. “This tampering has caused confusion and thousands of dollars in medical bills the past months trying to figure out whats wrong.”

Apparently, Diego got drunk and admitted to his insane behavior via text.

“I am going to be seeing an endocrinologist over the next few months to track my hormonal fluctuations to see if my estrogen levels are extremely heightened and go back to normal over time,” said the band member. “I have had physical changes from the hormones besides stomach ulcers, weight loss, and muscle fatigue that I will not get into, as well as notable mental changes.”

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