“Dry Bar” That Doesn’t Sell Alcohol Closes College Town Location

iowa dry bar closes

Unimpaired was a bar in Iowa that didn’t serve alcohol. They had two locations but now they have zero, according to The Gazette, which just reported that its location near the University of Iowa, a major party school, has closed.

“It’s unclear when the dry bar closed,” the local publication wrote.

Reddit user u/shit_ass_mcfucknuts thinks the reason is pretty clear.

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The owners opened Unimpaired to provide young people with a place to socialize without feeling the pressure to drink, but the thing is, not many college kids are racking up big bills by staying out all night drinking virgin piña coladas (and then spending money on wings and burgers to detox).

This aside, young people are drinking less these days, according to reports, proving that today’s youth no longer have heart.

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