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Alabama Strippers at Foul-Smelling Club File Lawsuit Over Unfair Tip-Sharing Practice

sammy's gentlemen's club
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Two strippers who danced at Sammy’s Gentlemen’s Club in Birmingham, AL are suing the venue for forcing an alleged “socialist economic system” upon them, several publications including Fox Business and Business Insider report.


“All the girls reeked of cigarettes, the entire place smelled of fungus,” wrote Jordan Hogan in a Google review. “Every girl working was skin and bones I thought I was at the methadone clinic not a gentleman’s club.”

The pair are suing for at least $100,000 in compensatory damages, saying the club’s owners took portions of their tips to pay other workers including fellow dancers, DJs and “house moms.” They also accuse Sammy’s of taking illegal kickbacks by forcing them to pay “house fees” if they wanted to get on stage.

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The lawsuit accuses the club of violating part of the Fair Labor Standards Act which states that “An employer must pay a tipped worker at least $2.13 per hour under the FLSA,” as its strippers only make money from tips.

“During their time being employed by defendants, plaintiffs were denied minimum wage payments and denied overtime as part of defendants’ scheme to classify plaintiffs and other dancers/entertainers as ‘independent contractors,’” the lawsuit stated.

“Omg…it smelled like old load,” wrote Dr. James Bernard Jackson.

The complaint was officially filed in the Northern District of Alabama on April 7.

“I might also add that some of the girls are less than average,” added Senior Mwiti. “I found it very difficult tipping girls that I didn’t think that should be allowed to strip dance on a public stage.”

A lot of reviews indicate that The Furnace, located down the street from Sammy’s, is really the place to be.

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