Woman Steals Geese from Texas Park

Allen Parks and Recreation

A woman stole two geese from a Texas park but it’s cool because these particular geese are domestic and not “subject to the same federal protections as migratory birds,” My San Antonio reports. So she won’t be facing any kind of criminal charges.

A photo posted on Nextdoor over the weekend depicted this weird female holding one goose in each arm while looking at the photographer as if they had never seen someone stealing geese before.

“Joy she doesnt look asian at all, she’s just squinting from smiling,” reads one out-of-context Nextdoor comment we’re sharing with you. “And who cares, i doubt she’s trying to eat the geese if that’s what you were suggesting.”

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The City of Allen’s Parks and Recreation Department shared the saga on its Facebook page.

Allen Police Department and Allen Animal Services successfully located the missing geese and are in the process of returning the birds to Bethany Lakes Park. The geese are unharmed and will spend the night at City of Allen Animal Shelter before being released together Tuesday morning.”

Allen Parks and Recreation added that “The individual who took them was quickly located, cooperated fully with police and will not face criminal charges.”

Written by Pete

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