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Old Lady Throws Cat Poop, Guy Thwacks Her with Machete

cat litter fight jamaica

A Jamaican guy named Davile Miller claims that his neighbor, an old lady, threw cat litter onto his property earlier this year at some point.

This prompted him to grab a shovel so he could throw some of it back into her face.

According to a court complaint reported by The Jamaica Star, Davile then went and got a machete which he “used to slap her in her face and back.”

Also, there was a verbal argument at some point, probably about cat litter.

Davile was charged with “unlawful wounding” and the old lady is suing him for $350,000 Jamaican Dollars, which translates to about $2,277 USD.

“Him hurt up my back and my ears,” the old lady told the judge.

One Instagram user had this to say:

My neighbour dog dem shit pon the front lawn everyday, she refuse to properly fence her yard and as man step through me gate a shit dat a seh “step pon me a see nuh” hey…. a waa trim dat rusty man vice rasta owman but me nuh stay certain way bredda but she deeven know more while kmft

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