Apartment Complex Riddled with Dog Poop Forces Owners to Register their DNA

dog pooping

At an apartment complex in Hawaii, dog poop has been a persistent problem.

So the board of directors at Palehua Nani apartments in Kapolei decided to pass a resolution which will help them identify future turds: requiring their tenants to register their dog’s DNA.

According to KHON2, the resolution was passed on November 9 and requires all resident dog owners to get their dogs in the database by February 3.

Starting on January 3, residents with dogs will have 30 days to register their DNA through PooPrints, “The DNA Solution for Dog Waste.” And if they don’t do it, they’ll be fined.

“The BOD indicated that the new policy is being implemented because residents are not properly disposing of their pet’s fecal droppings which is causing a nuisance as well as an eye sore,” reported KHON2.

PooPrints was founded in 2008 by Tom Boyd, a serial entrepreneur who we’re guessing stepped in one too many turds and decided to exact global revenge on irresponsible dog owners.

Here’s how PooPrints works, according to the company’s website:

“We create a genetic database of dogs with DNA collected from cheek swabs. We then collect DNA from any unscooped pet waste and compare it to the database to identify who hasn’t picked up after their pet.”

Written by Pete

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