Ohio McDonald’s Shut Down After Man Finds Crack Pipe in Bag

mcdonalds crack pipe

A Columbus, Ohio McDonald’s was temporarily shut down on Tuesday after a man says he was given a crack pipe with his order.

The McDonald’s, a 24/7 location, can be found at 619 Harrisburg Pike.

“We ordered our food, pull up, pay, pull to the next window, get our food, pull up and there’s a crack pipe,” Luther Tibbs told NBC4i.

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Tibbs originally shared his ordeal on Reddit, where he described ordering his breakfast at the drive-through before talking to the manager who claimed that none of his employees smoke crack “that he knows of.”

“It’s for freebasing McFlurrys,” replied one user. “Cracky Meal,” replied another.

A health inspection was scheduled for Wednesday, and some things it revealed included heavy construction debris, dust and personal cell phones on the grill, among other things.

That aside, the branch reopened at 12 p.m. on Thursday.

This McDonald’s has a Google score of 3 out of 5 stars, based on reviews from a staggering 1,270 people.

“They be serving dirty crack pipes to customers in your bag of food and then the manager doesn’t do anything but try and blame the customer for [it],” wrote Rusty Shackleford in a recent review. “Half your employees have resting meth face but yeah, it’s the customers fault. Sure buddy.”

Written by Pete

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