California Police Department Using Lego Heads to Protect Suspect Privacy

Murrieta Police Department

A police department in southern California is covering the faces of nonviolent suspects by photo-shopping Lego heads onto them.

“On January 1st, a new law went into effect that restricts the how and when law enforcement agencies in California share suspect photos & mugshots,” the Murrieta Police Department announced Monday, March 18 in an Instagram post.


“The new law, Assembly Bill 994 & Penal Code 13665, now prohibits law enforcement from sharing suspect photos for nonviolent crimes, unless specified circumstances exist. Additionally, the new law requires agencies to remove suspect mugshots from social media after 14 days, unless special circumstances exist.”

The department added that while they want to keep things transparent and tell people what’s going on and about the crimes they’re solving, they also want to “[honor] everyone’s rights & protections as afforded by law; even suspects.”

If there’s a situation where a nonviolent criminal commits a nonviolent crime, say shoplifting, and the police ask their citizens to help them find the perp and submit tips, we’re guessing they won’t get too many calls about the guy with the giant yellow head.

Here’s an actual example of how they might share a suspect’s Lego-covered mug:

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