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Dad Arrested at Disney World for Ripping Mickey Mouse Ears from Lady’s Head

disney world dad arrested stealing mickey mouse ears
Photo by Eric A. Soto via Flickr

A dad was arrested at Disney World after ‘forcefully snatching’ Mickey Mouse ears from the head of a woman he believed had stolen them from his daughter, according to Click Orlando.


The man is from Illinois, but unfortunately, that’s all Click Orlando wanted to share because of something about protecting people’s safety and privacy etc.

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The woman with the Mickey Mouse ears told authorities she was getting off a ride with her family when she heard some guy yelling behind her, not realizing he was yelling at her. Then, he grabbed her ears.

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She said she’s had the ears for a few years and bought them at an outlet store. Which means a grown adult brought her own Mickey Mouse ears to Disney World. It wasn’t a situation where a kid was like, “Hey mom, let’s buy Mickey Mouse ears and wear them together!” – which would be okay. She packed the ears and brought them to her hotel room.

The guy said his daughter lost her Mickey ears and that he noticed the woman wearing the same ones, so naturally, he figured she must have stolen them from a child for her own personal gain.

“The man snatched the hat off the woman’s head before her husband intervened,” officials told Click Orlando.

The dad was arrested on charges of “robbery by sudden snatching,” which is what they call this particular offense in Florida.

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