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Five Men Arrested for Doing Gross Thing in Florida Park

5 men arrested masturbating florida park

If you ever find yourself in Naples, FL, it’s best to avoid Serenity Walk Park. Unless you need a place to masturbate.

According to NBC2, five men were recently arrested for masturbating there. To be clear, these were five separate incidents. But the five perps were all arrested within a 48 hour window, and all five were caught “hiding in the foliage” around a nature trail.

It’s unclear if these guys know each other or if this was all part of a weird new TikTok challenge or what.

“Those we talked to say that you need to stay vigilant,” said NBC2’s Ryan Arbogast. “Keep your eyes open, your headphones out of your ears, and your phone in your hand so you can call 911 at the first sign of any trouble.” Yeah, if that’s what it takes to feel safe you should really just cut Serenity Walk Park right out of your weekend itinerary.

“Rooservert Cardozo-Correa, Richard Dahlman, Yoniel Cruz-Ruiz, Kevin Finnegan and Alberto Mendoza-Simon were all taken into custody between February 21 and February 22, according to the sheriff’s office,” NBC2 reports.

According to Wink News, one of the masturbators also groped an undercover male cop.

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