Elmo Shares Weird Tweet for Leap Day, Upsets People

elmo leap day tweet

Featured image by Amanda Hirsch via Flickr

Elmo, the Sesame Street character, has his own Twitter (X) account, and on Thursday, he shared something that seems to be bothering a lot of people.

People were quick to show their contempt for Elmo Frog.

  • “Elmo Frog is straight out of my nightmares” – @xlr8gam1ng.
  • “This is an abomination before god Elmo” – @SxarletRed.
  • “Get this shit off my feed” – @Cokedupoptions.

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Meanwhile, Elmo’s friends decided to post things that wouldn’t upset the shit out of people, sharing pretty run-of-the-mill Leap Day messages.

Elmo is no stranger to online hatred. On Jan. 29, he made the mistake of asking his over half-a-million followers how they were doing.

Taking the question quite literally, since it’s not a typical question to ask hundreds of thousands of people in a public forum, folks told Elmo how they were doing.

“In the grand scheme of the universe, our existence is merely a blink, devoid of inherent meaning or purpose. We are fleeting shadows in an indifferent cosmos.” – @ContrarianGuild

“People have lost all hope in a distopian nightmare that was once called “America.” We are told not to trust our eyes and to “believe the science.” Unless the science has to do with gender. We are on the edge of a civil war , a world war, and a culture war. In the absence of god, there is only taylor swift.” – @GundamIsHere
“Wife left me
Daughters don’t respect me
My job is a joke
Any more questions, Elmo??? Jesus man” – @DaveMcNamee3000
“I feel like we all died in 2020.” – @AstroBaby91

Elmo, who also sells $25 personalized Cameos and has a long-running beef with Larry David, has not responded to our multiple requests for comment.

In other news, Elmo was recently arrested in Florida on disorderly conduct charges, WSVN reports, but it all turned out to be a big misunderstanding.

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