Homer Simpson Won’t Be Strangling Bart Anymore

homer stops strangling bart

America’s favorite cartoon dad has been strangling his son since 1989.

In a recent episode of The Simpsons, “McMansion & Wife” (season 35, episode 3), Homer jokes about the benefits of having strangled Bart in the past, but then says he doesn’t do it anymore, acknowledging that “times have changed.”

But, actually, Homer hasn’t strangled Bart since “I, Carumbus” (season 32, episode 2), a Roman gladiator fantasy episode which aired in October 2020. Homer portrayed Obeseus and Bart played the role of Bartigula.

According to, which has an extensive thread on the theme of strangulation as it appears in every single episode, the last time Homer strangled Bart when they were both their true selves was in “The Winter of Our Monetized Content” (season 31, episode 1).

“…after Bart pranks Homer during his talk show about sports, Homer furiously shouts “Why you hilarious!”, angrily wraps a hose around Bart’s neck and angrily strangles him with it. Bart immediately cuts himself free with a pair of garden scissors,” the Simpsons fan page writes.

For you purists out there, Homer uses his bare yellow hands a couple times during season 30.

Here’s a 47 minute compilation of one of America’s favorite, longest-running animated interactions.

Written by Pete

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