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The Most Punchable Face in Hollywood

Patrick Fischler punchable face
Patrick Fischler in Twin Peaks (IMDB)

“Many actors get typecast. If you look like the annoying guy, guess what, [those are] the roles you’ll receive. It’s both a big insult regarding your looks, but if you don’t give a shit, you’ve got a steady paycheck. Whether that’s good or bad is up to you,” said Reddit user Vlade-B in a thread called “This guy is in literally every show I watch and he always plays an annoying character.”

He’s talking about the incredibly talented Patrick Fischler, who’s had roles in more than sixty television shows and movies including “Mad Men,” “Lost” and Mulholland Drive.

Despite this, we just really think he has a face deserving of harm.

Patrick Fischler in Happy
Patrick Fischler in “Happy!” (IMDB)
Patrick Fischler comic con
Patrick Fischler at New York Comic Con 2018. Photo: greg2600 via Wikimedia Commons

Several blogs and publications have ‘most-punchable-face’ lists. Some names we’ve seen include Steve Harvey, Robert Pattinson, Shia LaBeouf, Perez Hilton and Jim Parsons.

We haven’t seen Patrick Fischler on any of these lists. Maybe that’s because the authors have never heard of Patrick Fischler. But we’ve all seen his face, and it’s undoubtedly the most punchable in Hollywood. It might even be the most punchable face in the world.

Joe Mantegna and Patrick Fischler in “Criminal Minds” (IMDB)
Patrick Fischler in Once Upon a Time
Patrick Fischler in “Once Upon a Time” (IMDB)

Here are some scenes which Fischler plays with ease, which makes sense given his face.

As Elliot Stemple, an attorney in “Suits” trying to get one over on Harvey Specter.

As Jimmy Barrett, a comedian in “Mad Men” being mean to Don Draper.

As Lon O’Neil, a journalist in “Barry” doing a story about the main characters’ murders.

As FBI Agent Ballard in The Pact II, using his face to incite fear.

Patrick Fischler is married to actress Lauren Bowles, whose face is fine. You can see it here.

Written by Pete

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