Lion Meat is Being Sold at Grocery Stores, Says Very Confused TikToker

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“I’m really about to show ya’ll why we need to move out of America. Look at this. They’re selling lion chops. They’re taking exotic animals and cutting them up and putting them in our local grocery stores,” said a young lady holding a package of veal loin chops while broadcasting her discovery from a Safeway to the world.

TikTok user @lorrettamassey5 seems to have a good sense of humor as she’s pinned the video and even shared some follow-up clips related to lion meat.

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Girrrrrrlllllll I KNOW YOU LION, your eyes are LION to you and you LION to us,” wrote one commenter.  

You shouldn’t eat lions. But this video sent us down a bit of a rabbit hole.

We found a website. It’s And it claims to offer lion meat for $50,000 per pound.

The business is run by a man named Anshu Pathak, and according to a feature by The Daily Mail, he runs his business out of Perris, California.

Pathak won’t reveal the names of his customers for their safety, but apparently, it’s perfectly legal to eat lion meat.

Some other meats Pathak offers include alpaca and armadillo, bear and beaver, camel and coyote, iguana and llama, opossum and otter, peacock and python, raccoon and rattlesnake.

According to a report by LAist, which visited Pathak’s farm, lion meat is “a bit tough with a mild taste—like a cross between beef and chicken.” But the author added that it was her favorite meat from his selection, followed by beaver, “which was fatty with a mild taste—almost like a pot roast.”

Written by Pete

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