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Bear Steals Halloween Candy in Florida

black bear steals halloween candy florida

A mom and her kids trick-or-treating in Lake Mary, FL had to adjust their eyes to make sure they weren’t just looking at a really good bear costume.

Video taken by Pari Limbachia shows the black bear standing on its hind legs while eating directly from an outdoor Halloween display.

“With the wrapper?” a little boy asks in disbelief.

“I do that sometimes,” responded a little girl who we assume is his younger sister. “I eat Starburst with the wrapper.”

“WHY!?” hollered the boy, who was perhaps a bit too excited about his sister’s eating habits given the fact that there was literally a bear standing in front of them, though he had a good point.

Okay, we’re not sure if this is normal in Florida, but it looks like the same thing happened in another part of the Sunshine State.

And in yet another area of Florida, a bear was caught stealing a family’s pumpkin.

Here are more videos of bears being hilarious in Florida.

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