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Giant Pig Escapes Trailer, Gets Rounded Up By Police

Giant Pig Escapes Trailer
Richmond Police Department

Police in Kentucky spotted a giant pig playing in the snow after escaping from its trailer, the Richmond Police Department shared on Instagram.

“Kids aren’t the only ones who love a snow day!” the police department wrote, while sharing photos of the pig near a gas station with snow on its snout. Two officers posed with the pig for another photo.

“The pig has since been reunited with its owner, and gladly agreed to pose for a picture with some of the officers who helped with its safe return!”

With not a single comment after two days, we’re guessing a lot of pigs get lost in Kentucky.

According to the Richmond Register, someone who saw the pig flagged down an officer who was driving nearby, while other police officers located the pig’s owner “who was staying the night at Quality Quarters Inn.”

A police officer with knowledge of the incident told the Richmond Register that the pig in question was one of many being transported, and that it managed to escape from its trailer.

Written by Pete

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