Dogs Destroy Texas Car Dealership

Dogs Destroy Texas Car Dealership

Two stray dogs were caught on camera ravaging a Texas car dealership last month, causing damage to the tune of $350,000.

Surveillance video from ABC13 shows at least four incidents in which a bull terrier and Stafford mix can be seen “ripping cars to shreds” at G Motors, “The Finest Pre-Owned Auto Dealership In Houston, TX.”

That means they went, tore the place to shreds, and then made plans to meet up before heading back over.

The videos show the dogs scratching off paint, ripping off bumpers and jumping on hoods.

According to one employee, the “dogs were scaring off customers and employees.” Another person who works there thought they were wolves.

Dasher, the Stafford mix, is the alpha of the pair. “The black one was more of a follower,” the dealership’s finance manager told ABC13.

Now, both canines are in the custody of BARC, Houston’s animal control.

BARC confirmed that Dasher is in good health, shows no signs of aggression towards humans, and can be adopted. The other guy’s status is unclear.

BARC employees speculate that the dogs were chasing cats hiding under the cars.

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