Lady Gets Soaked on Southwest Flight

lady gets soaked on plane

Southwest blew it, again.

On a flight from San Jose to Santa Ana, California – which averages 1 hour and 21 minutes – a female passenger got liquid dripped on her the whole time, and a TikTok video she shared about the soggy escapade has since gone viral.

@pocketmouse35 Im filing a claim dw #southwest #flightattendant #flighthorrorstories #flying #travel #traveltiktok #plane ♬ Lifehack – Itsyourboymrkebs

Sophie Shaw, 24, woke up from a nap to find herself with a wet leg and a damp seat, and quickly noticed the drip coming from above.

It was leaking from a bag in the overhead compartment, which crew members reportedly tried to fix using paper towels before the plane took off.

Shaw stands a modest 5’2,” and apparently, she couldn’t move the bag causing the leak. She said the flight attendant wouldn’t help her move it and wouldn’t let her change seats.

Not only was the flight super uncomfortable, seeing as how she was all wet, but she also didn’t know what was dripping on her, which we can only imagine caused enormous collywobbles.

Following the flight, Shaw dried off and filed a complaint. She says they gave her a voucher for a free flight, and then she used the unfortunate experience to plug her fashion startup.

Those who saw the TikTok video were baffled by the crew’s inaction, wondering why they couldn’t at least make an announcement that someone’s bag was leaking.

“…why couldn’t they make an announcement like I’m sure the person would’ve liked to know their bag is leaking..” wrote one person. Other people said the same thing.

Written by Pete

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