Attorney Makes Computer Error Finalizing Wrong Couple’s Divorce

london lawyer wrong couple divorced

A staff member at a fancy London law firm made a clerical error and now, Mr. and Mrs. Williams are officially divorced.

The incident took place when an attorney at Vardags attempted to finalize the divorce of one of their other clients through an online portal, but accidentally selected the Williamses from a drop-down menu.

The divorce was reportedly made official very soon after the error was made, even though Mrs. Williams – a client of Vardags – never instructed or authorized her attorney to do so.

After two days, the attorney realized they screwed up and asked the High Court to rescind the final order. Sir Andrew McFarlane, the judge, said no.

“…I decline to hold that the final order made in this case was rendered voidable by the lack of actual consent from the Wife, where her solicitors were generally authorised to act for her and the court was entitled to accept the application for the final order made by them as being validly made on her behalf,” stated McFarlane in his judgement.”

Ayesha Vardag, the firm’s founder and president who’s been referred to as the “diva of divorce,” stood by her slippery-fingered attorney and criticized the judge, saying his decision basically means that if “the computer says no, you’re divorced.”

Anyway, the Williamses were going to get divorced at some point anyway.

Written by Editorial Team

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