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Ohio Dad Arrested for Complaining About Kid’s Homework

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An Ohio dad was recently arrested after harassing school admins and then the local police department about his kid’s homework.

Adam Sizemore called Kramer Elementary School repeatedly “because his son gets homework which takes away from the time he has with him after school,” according to


“This is a a K-5 school so there is not an abnormal amount of homework,” said Detective Sergeant Adam Price of the Oxford Police Department.

Price says that after harassing school staffers, Sizemore called the police “18 or 19 times” in less than an hour, demanding to speak to the chief and getting pissed off because dispatchers wouldn’t connect him or tell him their names.

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Sizemore apparently cursed at school secretaries and the principal and was told to stop calling. He also called one of the cops a bitch and told him he would lose his job.

He also told the principal he “better put his big boy pants on,” WXIX reports.

He sounded drunk, but he clarified to police officials that he was high at the time.

Here’s a transcription from one of Sizemore’s calls to the police (via WXIX):

Dispatcher: “Leave a voicemail if he doesn’t answer.”

Sizemore: “I’m being very nice.”
Dispatcher: “Well, then come to the police department and we’ll call the chief in, and you can talk to him in person but I’m not calling him on the phone.”
Sizemore: “He can come to my f****** house. I pay for him. He can come to my house.”

Sizemore was arrested on charges of telecommunications harassment and menacing.

“People make mistakes,” said Sizemore.

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