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Ohio Man Tries to Rob Bank, Screws Up: Too High on Crack

ohio bank robber high on crack

An Ohio man was arrested earlier this year for trying to rob a bank, and what likely led to his arrest was all the crack he smoked beforehand.

Richard Hampton confessed that he forgot to write the word “money” on a note he handed the bank teller at a Keybank in Canton, Ohio, according to FBI documents.¬†Instead, he handed her a note that just said “give me the.” The word “gun” was also written on the note.

He also made no attempt to conceal his identity.

The bank teller handed over $723 along with a tracking device, which quickly led police to apprehend him and recover the cash, according to WCHSTV.

Hampton’s getaway driver was reportedly just someone he met at a grocery store before the attempted robbery. He was promised $50.

According to court documents, the getaway vehicle left the scene without haste, obeying traffic signals.

A list of reasons you shouldn’t smoke crack:

  • it’s no longer the 1980s
  • your heists will never pan out

Written by Pete

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