Attorney in Deep Shit for Tossing Own Shit in Parking Lot

lawyer suspended tossing poop

An Ohio attorney has been suspended for taking a dump into a Pringles can and tossing it into a crime-victim advocacy center’s parking lot.

The Ohio Supreme Court suspended criminal defense attorney Jack A. Blakeslee for one year (with six months stayed), Court News Ohio first reported.

He has done this before.

“Blakeslee claimed he was not targeting anyone with his antics but had a habit of placing his waste in Pringles cans and randomly throwing them from his car as he traveled down the road,” Court News Ohio reports.

But evidence suggests he knew what he was doing when he chose the parking lot at Haven of Hope, where he knows victim advocates personally.

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The Board of Professional Conduct initially recommended a public reprimand, but the Court opted for a harsher penalty to protect the public.

Blakeslee has been a lawyer for 40 years and is a Vietnam vet.

The reportedly-targeted poop toss was witnessed by the victim advocacy center’s CEO, who he was expecting to see in court later that day in a case where he was representing a high-profile murder suspect.

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Here’s Jack’s website. Quite a few poop-tossing references have been popping up in his recent Google reviews:

“Pringles, once you po(o)p you can’t stop.”

“You’ll always be number 2.”

“Who will you turn to when accidents happen? All the other lawyers don’t know diddly squat. Plus his office has the best snacks, like Hershey’s and full-sized cans of Pringles.”

Written by Pete

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