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Man Named ‘Deez-Nuts’ Arrested After Ballsy Confrontation

Deez-Nuts Lee Kroll
Brown County Sherrif's Office

A 42-year-old Wisconsin man named Deez-Nuts Lee Kroll – according to both his drivers license, court records, and our own investigation (summarized at the bottom of this post) – was arrested earlier this month following an altercation involving a gun.

WFRV reports that at about 10 p.m. on March 5, police found Deez-Nuts drunk and shirtless in Green Bay following an argument that began on the phone about two hours earlier. Authorities said Deez-Nuts was “talking in circles” and while he was placed in custody, the two people he had been arguing with were also placed in the back of a cop car, but their names have not been publicized.

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Deez-Nuts had apparently punched one of them in the shoulder. Police also recovered a BB gun from him.

The location of the disturbance was 920 East Walnut Street in Green Bay.

920 East Walnut Street Green Bay WI
(Google Maps)

Deez-Nuts was booked on misdemeanor charges of Battery, Disorderly Conduct and Use of a Dangerous Weapon. He first appeared in court on March 6 with a bond set at $1,000. He’s due back at Brown County Courthouse on April 24.

What Floggled Found About Deez-Nuts:

A simple Google search led us to his Facebook page. In July 2023, he shared a real estate listing and said his house was for sale because he and his wife were divorcing. His wife’s name was Sara, and their house sold for $330,000, according to We cross-checked the address through a public record search and found that “DEEZ N L KROLL” was in fact listed as an owner. Deez-Nuts attended Denmark High School and is a fan of Ja Rule; Family Shooting Academy, “Green Bay’s Only Indoor Firing Range!”; and wolves.

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