Sexist Men More Likely to Have Sex with Robots: Study

Men who are sexist are more likely to want to have sex with robots, according to a recently published study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

While extremely unnecessary, the study was timely, given the increasing number of reports about men with robot girlfriends who sometimes spend a fortune to fill their emotional voids.


The author, Connor Leshner, finds this stuff interesting. “Generally, people find sex robots relatively unappealing, but men far and away are more interested in them than women, and this is especially stark when men view women as below them,” Leshner told PsyPost.

According to the study – which, by the way, only involved 223 participants – robot sex is particularly tantalizing for men who display signs of “hostile sexism,” which according to “refers to negative views toward individuals who violate traditional gender roles.”

Everything kind of checks out.

“I can’t believe Barbara won’t go on a second date with me. I mean, I paid for our dinner, she should know her place! Fuck it, I hate women anyway … I’ll just start fucking robots!”

The study also found that women were more interested in being friends with robots. It’s unclear if “neither sex nor friendship” was an option.

Also, people who are more open to having casual sex are less interested in doing it with robots, probably being they are busy having sex with people.

Leshner acknowledged his study’s small sample size being a potential issue. ““The sample is relatively small for any major takeaways, and we did not target as diverse a sample as we could have,” he told PsyPost.

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