Old Man Shoves Batteries Into Penis, Can’t Get Them Out

australian man shoves batteries into penis
Urology Case Reports

A 73-year-old Australian man went to the emergency room after inserting button batteries into his penis and realizing he couldn’t get them out.

According to a recent issue of Urology Case Reports, the man told doctors he’s been known to shove things up there “for sexual gratification” but “had not had issues in the past with removal.”

This time, when he tried to remove them, “the batteries had migrated more proximally within the penile urethra,” which is bad.

The man had some medical issues, including three years of erectile dysfunction, but somehow, “There was no history of psychiatric illness.”

Also, a “Clinical review revealed a painful and oedematous penis with paraphimosis” and “His urethral meatus was stained black.”

  • Per Top Doctors UK, “Oedema (spelt “edema” in some countries) is swelling caused by the accumulation of fluid in a particular part of the body.”
  • Per the National Library of Medicine, “Paraphimosis is a common urologic emergency that occurs in uncircumcised males when the foreskin becomes trapped behind the corona of the glans penis.”
  • urethral meatus = pee hole

The doctors, disgusted, were ultimately able to remove the batteries with forceps. But ten days later, the man came back with reports of swelling and discharge. They removed part of his urethra and called it a day, as any reconstructive surgery posed a “very high risk of graft failure.”

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