AI Model Making $30,000 a Month from Lonely Men

Lexi Love
@LexiLove.x / Instagram

Lexi Love is a fan of sushi, beach volleyball and anal.

The 21-year-old woman, who is not real in any way, was created by Foxy AI, a UK company “that offers immersive interactions with AI versions of your favorite influencers.”

But recent reports indicate that Love is not even a digital version of a real thing; she’s just an AI model of a “young woman with blonde hair, blue eyes, and a very toned body,” per the Economic Times.

That aside, the sexy snippet of code is raking in almost $30,000 per month for the company (and there’s no human model they actually need to pay).

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Lexi Love debuted in June 2023 and is currently receiving up to twenty marriage proposals per month from subscribers. It isn’t totally clear whether these proposals are real, or if the guys proposing understand that she’s not real, but people have tried to marry weirder things before.

Lexi is currently the second most ‘trending’ option on Foxy AI’s website, only lagging behind Mistress Mika, who enjoys luxury travel, fine dining and strap-ons.

Not only was Lexi designed to have perfect physical features, but according to the NY Post, she also speaks over 30 languages, a feature we’re sure no one requested.

Written by Pete

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