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Guy Surprises Day Laborers with Trip to Disneyland

@juixxe / Instagram

A California Instagram influencer who goes around and does nice things – like giving $1,000 to street vendors, helping people with their rent and buying toys for kids in need – recently surprised three day laborers with a trip to Disneyland.

“You guys looking for work?” Jesús Morales [ @juixxe ] asked a bunch of guys from his car in Spanish. “Of course,” one of them replies.

“The work is going to be heavy. We’re going to Disneyland,” said Morales.

Taken aback, one of them asks, “what are you guys doing at Disneyland?”

“Go enjoy the day!” answered Morales.

The trio then piled into his car for a day of fun. Not only did he take them to the iconic theme park, but he paid them for it!

The four grown men headed off to Disneyland for a day of smiles and laughs, with no children there to screw up their good time.

Written by Pete

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