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Man Arrested for Being Naked on Disneyland Ride

Photo by HarshLight / Wikimedia Commons

A 26-year-old man decided to get naked while on Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World” ride this weekend.

He jumped out in the middle of the ride, so they had to stop it. It happened in broad daylight on Sunday.

X user @KostHunter shared two videos of the incident. During one, he can be seen completely naked in the water near the ride’s entrance with Christmas music in the background. A security guard approaches him, he falls, and the person taking the video laughs. 

The second video shows the man being carried out by a whole bunch of cops. The person taking the video yells, “Idiot!”

X user @AshleyEsqueda also shared her findings. 

She also answered some questions and detailed her experience on Reddit.

“We were in a boat and all of us noticed him run past through a door – he was clothed at this point in a hoodie and maroon pants. Looked right at all of us and kept moving!”

A TikTok video shows the man stumbling around while still wearing shorts. People can be heard yelling “stop!” in the background.

@disneyscoopguy This is crazy. Footage from @magic.with.maegra and @iheartdisneyland on IG. #Disneyland #ItsASmallWorld #fyp ♬ original sound – Disney Scoop Matt

The unidentified man was arrested for indecent exposure and being under the influence.

Written by Pete

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