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Woman Arrested for Terribly Forged License Plate on Stolen Car

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A California woman was arrested last week when police spotted a childishly forged license plate on the stolen car she was driving.

Angel Rachiene Bolton, 38, was arrested in Benicia, California after local police saw the handwritten plate and ran a quick check on the silver Kia Rio LX she was in.

“At about 1 a.m. today, one of our officers was patrolling the area of 5000 block of East 2nd Street when he saw this beautifully handwritten license plate on a car,” the Benicia Police Department wrote on Facebook. “A quick check of the vehicle showed that it was reported stolen out of Alameda.”

Not only did Bolton use what appears to be printer paper and a black sharpie, but as SF Gate points out, “The digits on the right side of the plate are ever so slightly smaller than those on the left, an adjustment the artist likely had to make midway through the scam in order to squeeze in every last numeral.”

Beyond the fact that the license plate was fake, its tags were marked “JAN 2023.”

Bolton was charged with felony possession of a stolen vehicle and misdemeanor possession of unlawful paraphernalia. Her 30-year-old male passenger was also arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

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