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Man Arrested for Drunkenly Molesting Manatee Statue on Florida Vacation

anthony lessa florida
Pinellas County Sheriffs Office / Canva

A 23-year-old Pittsburgh man with an annoying mustache made a fool of himself while vacationing in St. Pete Beach, Florida, getting arrested for disorderly intoxication at two places of business.

Anthony Lessa’s rampage started at Rick’s Reef Restaurant. A Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office affidavit obtained by Fox 35 Orlando describes him throwing “gator bites” into the restaurant. Per Rick’s menu, Gator Bites are “Fresh gator, fried or cajun style,” a $12 starter made for adults to eat.

After being confronted by restaurant employees, he “sexually molested” the manatee statue in its parking lot.

After leaving Rick’s Reef, Lessa headed to his hotel, the Postcard Inn On The Beach, where he continued acting like an idiot.

The hotel manager called the police because he was being disorderly at the front desk, yelling obscenities and refusing to cooperate or identify his room.

Lessa then started yelling and causing a disturbance in the hotel’s parking lot.

When police arrived, they noticed that he had dilated pupils, an impaired short-term memory, and … Gator Bites in his pocket.

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