Beloved “Dog-Friendly Cafe” Announces Closure; Many Dogs on Brink of Suicide

sad dog

Boris & Horton, a dog-friendly cafe and community space with two locations in New York City, recently announced it will be closing its doors after six years in business.

The Instagram announcement was met with over 1,700 replies from both two- and four-legged customers expressing extreme sadness and disbelief.


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Among them is Charlie, a golden retriever known for his sunny disposition, until now. Charlie’s usual tail wagging has been replaced by a somber demeanor as he lays by the entrance, knowing that after the cafe closes, there will be no sense in moving on.

Bella, a spirited border collie who’s celebrated all of her birthdays at Boris & Horton, was recently seen sitting quietly in her favorite corner, her eyes reflecting a sense of loss. Her owner tells us she’s been noticeably less enthusiastic about their morning walks. “I threw a stick and she just looked at me, like, ‘what for?'”

Max, a dachshund, has been showing extreme signs of anxiety, whining softly every time he passes by the soon-to-be-closed cafe. On two occasions since the business announced its forthcoming closure, Max has tried to run into oncoming traffic.

Bob, a pit bull, was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound near the Lincoln Tunnel just hours after the announcement.

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