Fat Florida Gator Put on Diet

fat gator on diet
Croc Encounters / Facebook

Residents of Temple Terrace, Florida grew concerned when they discovered a “chunky alligator” living in their neck of the woods.

The gator, who is said to have destroyed a fence, was living at a former Coca-Cola factory where people were reportedly feeding him hams and lunch meats. They named him Coca-Cola.

He’s since been moved to Croc Encounters in Tampa, a “reptile park and alligator farm” whose director told 8 On Your Side that the 9-foot-long beast was clocking in at over 450 pounds. “That’s a little heavy for that animal,” Director John Panner told the outlet.

“We just took in this 9 foot, over 450 pound alligator who was removed near the old Coca-Cola plant in Temple Terrace on Fowler Ave,” Croc Encounters shared in a March 22 Facebook post. “This is the same alligator that has had recent media coverage after someone tore a hole in the retention pond fence where he was living.”

The post continued:

“It’s rumored the alligator was being fed ham and chicken by employees at surrounding businesses and likely other people as well. Not only is it illegal to feed alligators in the wild but it’s unhealthy for them. This alligator is extremely overweight and now accustomed to getting fed by people. Once people start feeding alligators they become a nuisance by no fault of their own and must be removed from the wild as they begin to approach people for food.”

“All of our alligators get a mix of pellet diet,” Panner told 8 On Your Side. “We’ll also feed fish, we also feed chicken, we’ll do that on a regular basis, and hopefully he’ll slim down a bit.”

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