Man Who Hid in Storm Drain to Evade Police Heard “Screaming” For Help

australia man hides in storm drain to evade police

An Australian man hid in a storm drain for 36 hours in an effort to evade police.

According to The Guardian, the 38-year-old was allegedly riding in the passenger seat of a car which was involved in two late night car crashes.


First, the driver went in reverse and drove into a cop car, causing “substantial damage” but no injuries. Then he fled and got into another crash. There weren’t any details about this one provided.

That’s when the guy riding shotgun decided to hide in a storm drain in Brisbane, which is part of Queensland, which one Aussie Reddit user describes as “kind of our Florida.”

byu/Any-Assignment6022 from discussion

byu/Any-Assignment6022 from discussion

On Sunday, someone walked by the storm drain and offered to call triple zero, “the emergency number for ambulance, police or fire services in Australia.” The man declined, and according to The Courier Mail, he was heard “screaming” the following day.

The man initially told authorities he was in the storm drain looking for his phone, a claim which was quickly debunked. He also said he was down there for about 36 hours, “sometimes partially submerged and sometimes pushing through surges of stormwater and drinking drain water,” The Courier Mail reports.

The rescue took about five minutes as firefighters just had to lift the lid.

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