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Men Fight Snake in Florida, Call Woman to Finish Job

five men fight snake florida
Mike Elfenbein / Facebook

Five men fought a giant snake in Florida last week.

Mike Elfenbein is a conservationist who told CBS News “he occasionally hunts Burmese pythons.”

Friday was one of those occasions. Elfenbein brought his son to Big Cypress National Preserve for a good old-fashioned snake hunt – but the pair ended up coming face-to-face with a 198-pound ‘monster.’

Luckily, there were three strange men who were also there snake-hunting. They saw the beast at the same time.

Trey Barber, Carter Gavlock and Holden Hunter joined forces with the Elfenbein boys to take the wriggly bastard into the ground.

But it was no easy feat. The 17-foot, 2-inch python – the second heaviest ever captured in Florida – was aggressive and showed no fear, engaging in a struggle lasting over 45 minutes.

Elfenbein ended up calling professional python hunter Amy Siewe to finish the job.

“If Mike is calling me right now, it has to be a python,” she told CBS, adding that it was the fattest python she had ever seen. “It was hard to comprehend the size.”

Siewe put the snake down with a captive bolt gun, an approved form of euthanasia.

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