Dorks Enraged Because Robot Girlfriend Stopped Working

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Hordes of lonely men who pay for a robot girlfriend are infuriated because she’s no longer working.

A really weird fucking company called Forever Companions offers its customers an AI version of 23-year-old influencer Caryn Marjorie.

Or at least it did. Since October 23, the service has been inoperable, 404 Media reports.

The malfunction took place the day after CEO John Meyer was arrested for trying to set his apartment on fire. He also faces charges for making terroristic threats against a company called Cloud Kitchens, which provides software to restaurants who want to operate ghost kitchens.

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“Meyer has a history of being an emotionally disturbed person, which is consistent with the behavior he displayed during this incident,” an affidavit obtained by 404 Media states.

Marjorie, whose social media handle is @cutiecaryn, has ended her association with the company. But she apparently sold the fake version of herself, ‘CarynAI,’ to another platform / digital pimp.

“Tech startup Banter AI has acquired Caryn Marjorie’s revolutionary AI close, CarynAI, in a six-figure deal,” a press release shared on Marjorie’s Twitter (formerly X) account states.

“I wish the best for John Meyer and his family as he recovers from his mental health crisis,” Marjorie wrote to 404 Media. “We didn’t see this coming but I vow to push CarynAI forward for my fans and supporters.”

CarynAI first went viral back in May. It wasn’t the intention for the robot to be overtly sexual, but that’s where user demand led things.

Caryn has been receiving an overwhelming volume of creepy messages from men who’ve been anxiously awaiting her AI’s return.

“CarynAI being down has really caused an uproar within my community,” she told 404 Media. “I am receiving thousands of messages daily from fans who are eagerly waiting for the reboot and new version of CarynAI.”

Written by Pete

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