Australian Lady Sleeps with Over 300 People in Year, Feels ‘Empowered’

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An Australian OnlyFans model, 26-year-old Annie Knight, recently went on The Kyle and Jackie O Show to talk about how much sex she’s had in the last year, the New York Post reports.

“You may know her from TikTok, maybe even OnlyFans… Annie Knight joined us in studio to open up about being Australia’s biggest slut!” reads the podcast headline. “We find out how many men she’s slept with, her grossest encounter and so many other juicy details!”

The ardent Aussie’s done it with five people in a single day, and has sex with both men and women, meeting many through dating apps. She also has regulars.

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“Australia’s most sexually active woman” is open to all kinds of sex. “I’m down to try anything,” she said on the podcast. In the spirit of empowerment, she just shared a post on Instagram stating that she’s “Prowling for 301.”


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According to the NY Post, Knight worked in marketing but got fired once her boss discovered her OnlyFans account. “Annie went on to explain she was ‘shocked’ and said she ‘didn’t know what was going on,’ before opening the email to discover screenshots of her adult content,” the publication wrote. It’s unclear how her boss found her account.

Knight’s dad only found out about her OnlyFans account recently, PerthNow reports – and understandably, he was “shocked.” But the younger Knight apparently makes over $1,000 a day selling sexually explicit content – and she does “pretty much everything” on camera.

Here’s the full interview:

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