Guinness Recognizes Anastasia Synn as Ultimate ‘Human Cyborg’

Anastasia Synn human cyborg

Anastasia Synn has more technological implants in her body than any other female, Guinness has announced.

The Tehachapi, California magician, stunt performer, “transhumanist” and biohacker has 52 implants in her body – including “the largest magnet ever implanted into a person, as well as a sound-transmitting magnet implanted into the tragus of her ear.”

About half of Anastasia Synn’s implants are microchips which she “programs to give herself heightened senses and abilities, such as opening locks and turning on computers.”

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Here she is performing on season 5 of “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” … when she only had seven implants in her body:

Anastasia Synn also made an appearance on “Dr. Phil” when she was up to 47 implants.

“I have microchips everywhere,” she said during her segment intro. “I have one in my calf, I have them in my hands, I have them in my forearms, I have them in my ears, I have them in my shoulder, I have them in my chest, I have a microchip in my right thigh actually that when scanned with a phone it calls 9-1-1. I’ve also implanted 14 magnets and a microcomputer.”

“Some people think this is really weird,” she adds before getting candid about the risks involved in what she’s doing.

“I’ve had a few implants that have given me some problems. The first version of the computer that I had in my thigh cracked and I wasn’t aware and in its cracking of the case it allowed my body fluids and the computer to all mix in together and tons of other heavy metals so yeah there’s been some concerns.”

She’s also known for her CYBORG RIGHTS ACTIVISM. In 2019, she spoke before the Nevada State Senate to oppose a ban on microchip implants.

Anastasia Synn was married to The Amazing Jonathan until is death in 2022.

Written by Pete

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