Green Slime Oozes Out of New York City Manholes

green slime nyc manhole

“So there’s literal green sludge bubbling up from the ground next to [the] World Trade Center right now,” wrote X user Dan Pantelo earlier this month.

The next day, Pantelo returned to the scene and reported that the neon green liquid was still there.

While some likened the image to scenes from Batman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Ghostbusters, there turned out to be a perfectly rational explanation for the oddly colored liquid.

As described in the ‘community notes’ under the original post, “This is water full of green dye. Plumbers frequently use harmless, fluorescent green dye to detect leaks in plumbing and sewage systems.”

“If the homeless drink it will they gain super powers?” asked one user on X.

“What does it taste like,” asked another.

Written by Pete

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