Patreon Bans “Adult Babies” from Platform

adult babies banned from patreon
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Patreon has reportedly been purging users who belong to the “adult baby/diaper lover” (ABDL) community, 404 Media reports.

Okay, let’s back it up.

According to, a website that’s all about this stuff, these are people who enjoy “wearing diapers, using pacifiers, and engaging in role-playing activities.” There are apparently all kinds of weird people who are into this.

Patreon is a monetization platform for content creators.

In terms of the content these adult babies produce on platforms like Patreon, 404 Media says it can be both sexual and non-sexual, and can include wearing diapers, acting like babies with other adults, “or making web comics, characters and illustrations.”

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Regardless of that, hundreds of these giant infants were recently booted, and apparently, they all received the same email:

“Patreon has zero tolerance for the sexualization of children or teenagers. Because we do not allow this type of activity on Patreon, my team and I removed your creator page.”

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Some of the babies got upset and tried to reason with customer support, claiming that there was nothing harmful about their content. But customer support put them in a permanent time out.

“I feel that the core of ABDL is to try and return to a time where you felt safe and happy,” one person who does this told 404 Media. “Some people use it to cope with childhood trauma, or trying to get a second chance at a childhood they never had.”

As many of these adult babies relied on Patreon to make money, many of them are moving to alternative sites like SubscribeStar, which I guess is cool with this stuff.

A couple classics:

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