Ameca: This Robot is Creepy as Hell

ameca robot
Engineered Arts

Ameca was developed by UK-based Engineered Arts, and the incredibly creepy gender-neutral robot acts pretty much like a human.

It made its first public appearance at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where it demonstrated its skills in drawing sketches, playing games and talking to people.

Ameca also showed its sense of humor by rejecting a man who tried to flirt with it. We’re not sure if the dude knew it was gender neutral.

In 2022, Ameca delivered an “Alternative Christmas Message” for Channel 4 in the UK, and it was precisely as insane as it sounds.

Ameca was made with a whole bunch of sensors and cameras that allow it to perceive its environment and communicate with humans. It has binocular eye-mounted cameras, a chest camera, and embedded microphones that allow it to see, hear, and speak. It also has facial recognition software that helps it identify and remember people.

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According to Engineered Arts, Ameca was “Designed specifically as a platform for development into future robotics technologies.”

Engineered Arts’ other robot creations include Mesmer, a humanoid robot you can custom design to be “Your human lookalike,” and RoboThespian, a “robot actor” that will “perform however you wish and capture the attention of anyone, anywhere.”

And then there’s Quinn, Engineered Arts’ robotic customer service associate who will most likely be taking your job.

Written by Pete

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