Woman Sneaks Gun Into MRI Machine, Gets Shot in Ass

woman sneaks gun into mri machine

A 57-year-old Wisconsin woman snuck a handgun into an MRI machine and the gun ended up going off and shooting her in the ass, according to a recently published FDA report. The incident took place back in June.

It’s unclear how the unnamed woman managed to conceal her gun, as it was reported that she had “undergone a standard screening procedure” which should have detected it. Perhaps they forget to do the standard screening procedure.

In any event, the MRI machine’s magnet caused her weapon to discharge, but her injuries were not severe; a doctor “described the entry and exit holes as very small and superficial.”

MRI machines use very powerful magnets and radio waves, and even metal jewelry should be removed before getting slid into one.

Also, patients typically wear hospital gowns for MRI scans. Where the hell did she keep that gun?

Written by Pete

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