Man Leaves $13 Million to “Charity” in Will, Doesn’t Specify Which Ones

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Multiple media outlets describe the late Terry Kahn as ‘frugal.’ For 30 years, the Indianapolis resident worked for the Veterans Administration, and when he died in 2021, he had amassed a fortune.

As reported by CBS News, Kahn had no immediate family and spent very little. He lived in a small house, drove an old car, and didn’t own a cell phone because he said they cost too much.

“Even when he died in 2021, he wanted no announcement, because who would spend good money on an obituary? The man was pennywise, but pound generous,” writes the outlet.

Upon his death, Kahn had stacked away a whopping $13 million, all of which he wanted to give to charity. The problem was that his will didn’t specify which charities.

Dwayne Isaacs, Kahn’s attorney, was stuck with the task of giving out the money. And to do that, he basically had to cold call charities.

Some of the non-profits he called thought it was a scam.

“[There were] probably three or four different entities that lost out because they just didn’t take my call,” Isaacs told CBS.

But Kahn’s donations made a world of difference to some organizations.

Margaret Sheehan, executive director of Teachers’ Treasures, received $1.5 million from Kahn’s bequest, doubling their annual budget.

Emmy Hildebrand, CEO of Helping Veterans and Families of Indiana, recalled being asked by Isaacs what he would do with $1 million.

Julie Henson, vice president of development for Coburn Place, which supports domestic violence survivors, also received funds and described the experience as surreal.

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