Doctor Upset that Nobody Brought Him Tea; Leaves Operating Room Mid-Surgery

doctor india walks out over tea

A doctor in India recently left his patients on the operating table because he was angry that nobody brought him his tea.

Eight female patients had been scheduled for sterilization surgeries at a government-run hospital in Nagpur, India on November 3. After Dr. Tejrang Bhalavi completed four of the surgeries and administered anesthesia on the remaining four women, he asked hospital staff to fetch him some tea.

Nobody got it for him, so naturally, he left.

When staff members notified their bosses, a new doctor was sent to perform on the women.

An investigation is apparently under way.

“I immediately called the health officer of Nagpur Zilla Parishad and asked him to send doctors for the remaining operations,” the head of the medical district told NDTV. “I was told that he did not get tea so he left the operation. I have ordered an immediate investigation and a three-member committee has been formed for it. After the report comes, action will be taken against them. This is a very serious matter. If doctors are leaving such operations for the sake of tea, then action should be taken against such doctors under 304 of IPC.”

Written by Pete

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